Creating and Using a Custom objects.invΒΆ

  1. Identify the head of the URI to the documentation.

  2. Create the custom objects.inv file.
  • Create the header per the required syntax, entering the project name and version as appropriate.

  • Create lines of object data, again per the required syntax.

    • Be sure only to use the relative portion of the URI for the {uri} field.
    • Choose an appropriate domain/role for each object. If necessary to avoid conflicts, a custom domain can be created; otherwise, one of the built-in domains may suffice.
  1. Encode the file with sphobjinv.

  2. Transfer the encoded file to its distribution location.
  • If only local access is needed, it can be kept local.
  • If external access needed, upload to a suitable host.
  1. Add an element to the intersphinx_mapping parameter in
  • The element key is arbitrary.
  • The first element of the value tuple is the head URI for the repository.
  • The second element of the value tuple is the address of the distribution location of the encoded file.