Helper enums for sphobjinv.

sphobjinv is a toolkit for manipulation and inspection of Sphinx objects.inv files.


Brian Skinn (bskinn@alum.mit.edu)

File Created

4 May 2019


(c) Brian Skinn 2016-2020

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The MIT License; see LICENSE.txt for full license terms


class HeaderFields

Enum for various inventory-level data items.

A subset of these Enum values is used in various Regex, JSON, and string formatting contexts within class:~sphobjinv.inventory.Inventory and schema.json_schema.

Count = 'count'

Number of objects contained in the inventory

Metadata = 'metadata'

The str value of this Enum member is accepted as a root-level key in a dict to be imported into an Inventory. The corresponding value in the dict may contain any arbitrary data. Its possible presence is accounted for in schema.json_schema.

The data associated with this key are ignored during import into an Inventory.

Project = 'project'

Project name associated with an inventory

Version = 'version'

Project version associated with an inventory

class SourceTypes

Enum for the import mode used in instantiating an Inventory.

Since Enum keys iterate in definition order, the definition order here defines the order in which Inventory objects attempt to parse a source object passed to Inventory.__init__() either as a positional argument or via the generic source keyword argument.

This order DIFFERS from the documentation order, which is alphabetical.

BytesPlaintext = 'bytes_plain'

Instantiation from a plaintext objects.inv bytes.

BytesZlib = 'bytes_zlib'

Instantiation from a zlib-compressed objects.inv bytes.

DictJSON = 'dict_json'

Instantiation from a dict validated against schema.json_schema.

FnamePlaintext = 'fname_plain'

Instantiation from a plaintext objects.inv file on disk.

FnameZlib = 'fname_zlib'

Instantiation from a zlib-compressed objects.inv file on disk.

Manual = 'manual'

No source; Inventory was instantiated with project and version as empty strings and objects as an empty list.

URL = 'url'

Instantiation from a zlib-compressed objects.inv file downloaded from a URL.